Why design?

Whether you are an enthusiastic gardener or a clueless beginner, you must have some feeling for gardening to have got as far as reading this.  For many people gardening is a thankless task where enormous effort produces scant rewards.

However, by putting thought into your requirements for what you want from your garden it is possible to reduce non productive maintenance chores and increase all year round interest.

Good design gives gardens a deep source of satisfaction.

Your requirements for your garden are as individual as your fingerprints.  Going through an in depth client brief enables me to find out how to make the dream become a reality.

Both heart and mind are engaged in the process of planning a garden and there is great fulfillment to be had in nurturing the planned areas to become places of significance to those who share the ultimate enchantment

To contact us:

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Text Box: Developing your plan

The design process


Contact is Made: If you like us and we like you (which we always do) we’ll visit and confirm a quote for your design. From small corners to grand designs, awkward tiny spaces to fields and woods.  A chance to see my portfolio of recent work.


The Client Brief: Detailed notes to find out what’s really going to flick your switch, also considering practicalities, maintenance , likes and dislikes.  We’ll look at styles and past projects.


The Site Survey: Complete, accurate measurement to assess your outdoor space.  Recorded observations include: Aspect, soil assessment, retained plants, boundaries, estimation of levels.  This can involve a couple of visits.


Down to Business: Ideas combine to give you the best design solutions available and plan is presented to you.  If you are happy, we’ll send you an invoice for the original quote.


Recommended Contractors: Using a scaled, accurate drawing will allow contractors to give accurate estimates based on actual measurements, often the cost of the design can be saved in the contacting process.  Working relationships with local personally recommended contractors avoid many problems and misunderstandings, but your designer remains independent.